Feb 20

OFFSET – we’re pumped!



Feel like wielding some short nosed pliers on Tuesday?  We are going to have design and fun times at 37 Dawson from 6-8pm, this Tuesday 24th February 2015.

Delighted to have been asked to lead a ‘make’ workshop as part of the OFFSET programme this year – am a massive fan of the event and I always love to get amongst it and talk making with people.  And I hear there will be booze too, thanks Absolut!

If you’re already registered for the event, I’ll be having a bit of a chat about the design process, visual inspiration down to prototyping and production.  We’re going to be making the choice of a couple of different pieces that are in our current collection – so maybe just have a think about your own preferences in terms of colours and materials as there will be a choice of each of these elements.

You can find more details here OFFSET//artysmarty