Feb 16

FabLab Limerick

PicMonkey Collage
Do you like to make stuff and play with lasers?  Yes, I hear you say….me too.  I thought I’d let you in on a super place where you can do both in Limerick.  There is a great facility available to everyone with a large homemade laser (!), 3D printers and a large C&C cutter, situated on Rutland Street http://fablab.saul.ie/.  It’s  run by the Limerick University formed via the architecture department, offering classes workshops and even a new coffee shop.  Last time a took a wander through the Milk Market too and headed down to the Hunt Museum (where, by the way, you can buy your very own artysmarty item) and thought how lovely Limerick was.  Any questions?  Drop them a line and Micheal will get back to you!