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Mar 15

Masion & Objet or Home & Object as I like to call it

Before starting artysmarty, I didn’t really have much of an idea about how the old buying and selling stuff to retailers went.  I’d wander into any old shop without a though of how a product went from a studio or factory into the place where I purchased it.  Initially I thought the path from A to B would be quite boring (I was just thinking trucks, loading and bubble wrap) on second inspection, I’ve found it to be the opposite.  Some of the shows out there for retailers to visit and buy products for their stores are pretty far out – case in point Masion & Objet in Paris.  Fair enough, most of Paris is pretty cool, so it’s not a massive surprise that they do a good one so I thought I’d show a few images from the show which demonstrate trends for this year and give a bit of a general flavour.

So above there, we have a couple of stands with a very masculine, anthropology theme, stuffed animals, bell jars, pinned insects and graphic wallpaper.  I actually love this look and I saw it in quite a few displays – I know it’s a bit bad all those stuffed animals, actually, it’s just bad, I hope they’re fake or dead 100 years when it was acceptable to stuff those mighty creatures.  There is also a very strong craft aesthetic going on too – while there was a limited number of maker/sellers in comparison to all of the commercial guys, was super impressive the selection that was there – and very strong displays.


Just in terms of what the big commercial brands are doing – check out the image above.  What do you think this company was selling?  I’ve kind of given it way but the whole room was a massive video projection with about 10 items that were for sale.  Totally conceptual and very memorable – more about this experience way of selling stuff.  Okay, there is a harder one below…what do you think they were selling?  And it’s not chicken skewers.



Prizes for correct guesses (I think I’m pretty safe).


Mar 08

We Love Offset!

@artysmartyshop @weloveoffset #AbsolutDIY what a FUN workshop! The glue has dried & ready to wear! Thanks Angela 🙂

— bernie (@misslaakes) February 25, 2015

Mar 05

Mother’s Day – Give Irish Craft!

Well, it’s coming up to Mother’s Day – that’s 15th March – and I was thinking to do a gift list of lovely things to buy your mum.  And then I thought ‘Why do the work when someone else already has!’  Now, these are all really great ideas, otherwise I wouldn’t be recycling them, but they’re not mine so I must give credit to the Design & Craft Council of Ireland.   They put together a really nice pull out guide at Christmas of nice stuff and if you were like me I was so busy, I didn’t really get a chance to look at the time.  So here you go, admittedly second time around, a selection of nice stuff to buy your mum on Mother’s Day!   We have a beautiful foxy and crow necklace from Geraldine at Saba, cute doggy brooch from Alan Ardiff and oh, what a coincidence, a yellow cube necklace from myself.  Well, how did THAT get in here?!

More info about stockists and all that at

Mar 01

Magna Carta – Magna Awesome!

We love a challenge here at artysmarty studios but when the British Library approach us with an idea to make some bespoke pieces for their upcoming Magna Carta exhibition, I have to admit I was a bit stumped at first – how to translate essentially a paper document into a pretty 3D piece that people wear?  The feature image for this post is a picture of the document along with the ring seal that was used. The British Library have THE actual Magna Carta that King John signed in 1215 – yep, 1215 as in 800 years ago – and they’re going to have an exhibition to show them off to the public.  As you can see though, the source material was pretty dry!  Sorry BL!

After the initial mind blank, I started to collect some visual inspiration – I’ve added a few collages here to give you the idea, some are original documents from around 1215 and some are directly from current fashion houses; there is a great one from Dolce & Gabbana (who I am sure would sue me for using their image without permission if I was in any way interesting to them!).

Anyway got the mood board happening and then started getting in touch with the British Library team with ideas, tweaked them a bit, well went back to the drawing board at one stage and then decided on these prototypes;


So we have a reference to King John’s crown (and status), ditto Queen Isabel (the one on the left) and then a homage to the Fleu de Lys (centre) – also a common symbol at the time.  We made a wax seal inspired ring too – for sealing your very own legal documents!  The final pieces have been sent off for photography before the start of the exhibition.  If you’re keen to have a look at the finished product we’ll be putting them up on our facebook page for your perusal once the exhibition has opened.

Magna Carta Exhibiton Details

Feb 24

Thanks OffSet – it’s been emotional!

Tonight's fun thanks to @artysmartyshop and @weloveoffset

— Louise Naughton (@LouieNaughton) February 24, 2015

Feb 20

OFFSET – we’re pumped!


Feel like wielding some short nosed pliers on Tuesday?  We are going to have design and fun times at 37 Dawson from 6-8pm, this Tuesday 24th February 2015.

Delighted to have been asked to lead a ‘make’ workshop as part of the OFFSET programme this year – am a massive fan of the event and I always love to get amongst it and talk making with people.  And I hear there will be booze too, thanks Absolut!

If you’re already registered for the event, I’ll be having a bit of a chat about the design process, visual inspiration down to prototyping and production.  We’re going to be making the choice of a couple of different pieces that are in our current collection – so maybe just have a think about your own preferences in terms of colours and materials as there will be a choice of each of these elements.

You can find more details here OFFSET//artysmarty

Feb 16

FabLab Limerick

Do you like to make stuff and play with lasers?  Yes, I hear you say….me too.  I thought I’d let you in on a super place where you can do both in Limerick.  There is a great facility available to everyone with a large homemade laser (!), 3D printers and a large C&C cutter, situated on Rutland Street  It’s  run by the Limerick University formed via the architecture department, offering classes workshops and even a new coffee shop.  Last time a took a wander through the Milk Market too and headed down to the Hunt Museum (where, by the way, you can buy your very own artysmarty item) and thought how lovely Limerick was.  Any questions?  Drop them a line and Micheal will get back to you!


Jan 21

Showcase 2015

Fun times @showcaseireland #C51

— Angela Cuthill (@artysmartyshop) January 19, 2015

Nov 13

Some more lovely things to do this Christmas…..

Well, this is the final installment for things to do this Christmas, well apart from the one where we get drunk on sherry at the Christmas party, but that’ll be private.  So here we go;

Gifted Pop-Up Shop in Ranelagh

When: 12th -20th December 2014 – open every day from 11-6pm.

Where: Ranelagh Art Centre, Dublin which is 26 Main Street Ranelagh, just a few doors down from Superquinn.  Link to their web site and directions here.

What’s On:  A super-duper range of exclusively Irish made gifts for one and all.  There will be some special Christmas gifts,  I know Jenny Walsh, Fergus at Grand Grand and meself have made some limited edition Christmas decorations.  Who else is going to be there?  Well, everyone who makes nice things, like Judith At a Box for My Treasure (who has some amazing new jewellery) and Geraldine from Saba! Also, if you’d like to come along and meet the makers there will be one on hand every day in the store, I’ll be there on Wednesday 17th if you’d like to stop by and say hello.


Dublin Flea Christmas Cracker

When: 12th // 13th //14th December 2014.  Friday trading is 12-7pm and the weekend is 11-6pm.

Where: Block T in Smithfield – there is a good map here if you don’t know it already.

What’s On: Everything is on!  This really is the Christmas market to end all Christmas markets.  The whole of Block T in Smithfield is packed with furniture, craft, food, wine, I saw some bikes last year, special products that makers produce just for Christmas and all other sorts!  As they say, it’s  a bizarre bazaare and Christmas really is their big one.


So that’s the round up – do come along and say hello, offer mulled wine, suggestions and feedback.  We love getting amongst our customers!  See you there x

Nov 07

Lovely Christmas things to do!

We’re delighted to be part of lots of great markets and pop-up shops this Christmas and we’re getting in early to let you know about them before your Christmas calendar fills up!

Christmas on the Square Market

When: 29th November 2014 // 10am until 6pm

Where: 45 Merrion Square  – on the east side of the square in the Irish Architectural Archive if you know where that is, map below;

What’s On: The Irish Design Shop have curated some of our Irish faves!  We are going to be there along with (and more);

Jennifer Slattery Textiles // A Box for my Treasure – chic jewellery // Ursula Celano – printed textiles // Grand Grand – screen printed hilarity // Fawn – beautiful prints // Per Dozen Design – cool ceramics

The Old Butcher Studios Pop Up Store

When: 10th – 20th December // Open daily 12pm – 7pm // Weekend opening hours 10am – 7pm

Where: 72-74 Benburb Street, Dublin 7 // Map

 What’s On: There’s going to be a launch night on the 10th of December from 5-7pm, which you’re very welcome to come (and stuff some pies in your pockets), with drinks and mince pies.  Saturday the 13th there is going to be a special flower arranging event with Informal Florist – their hanging wreaths are beautiful!  We’re going to have some of our best sellers available in the store, for sure our acorn series pieces and neon necklaces.  Jennifer Slattery and felt maker Jamie Lewis of The Wool Felt Shop are hosting and selecting a number of Irish maker for the store – it’s going to be a beautiful collection of homewares, textiles and Christmas gifts.

Just so we don’t freak you out with the impending Christmas bonanza so I’ll pop up some of the other special markets later on!