Apr 15

Alexander McQueen at the V&A

alexander mecqueen


The Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Exhibition is on at the V&A at the moment, running until the 2nd of August – I was working in London the other week and managed to get a ticket.   The show begins with work from his graduate exhibition and continues through to the unfinished 2010 collection.  I’d say if you know you’re heading along try and book a ticket online – but they seem to be booked out quite far in advance, but fear not, you should be able to get a ticket at the V&A on the day that you’re visiting even if you have to wait until your time slot, they withhold tickets each day to sell.  I can’t say that I’ve followed McQueen’s work in the past  and kind of went in without any expectation but the exhibition is really a master class in fashion and design.  McQueen’s work is obviously remarkable but the exhibition layout and format is really spectacular – there are rooms that are so beautiful and alternatively quite weird that it’s was hard to imagine what was coming next.  The scale and quality of the show really is a big clap to the V&A.  There is heaps of resource material on the link below and you should be able to check out the ticket availability here too, but really the moral of the story is go and see it!

Exhibition Details Link

Took a few moments to gather my thoughts after the exhibition in the museum shop where I saw some work by a company I know well, loved the display too!  Is self publicity wrong?  Oh, well!

birds at the V&A