May 30

Pegboard Awesome!

Yes, I realise that it seems a bit self indulgent to write a whole post about pegboard but it IS the material of the season.  Not being one to jump on the bandwagon or anything, but I have developed a bit of a love affair with it and applied to the wonderous displays of artysmarty.

rabbit stand close up

Oh wonderous…..

So if I need to convince you of the qualities scroll down…..

It looks cool:

Yeah, yeah, I know we shouldn’t be swayed by the way things look but that’s the kind of vacuous person I am .  Check out the decal frames around this one.  I think actually it’s the scale in this arrangement which is the winner, 4 small ones looks a bit more polished than a big chunk of the stuff hung on the wall.

pegboard 3

Nice scale

Easy to use:

You can literally stick anything into the holes which are perfectly in line with each other.  You won’t have to measure or use a set square to make sure things you’re hanging are straight or even.  If you don’t have OCD then this probably isn’t an issue for you anyway but if you’re driven to despair but wonky lines this is your only man.  Yeah, so you can use a clip, hook, string, you can even drill into it and add magnetic panels to stick your scissors to.  I personally like the custom made pegboard hooks, but that’s the kind of pro I am.

pegboard 1

Easy peasey


Can be used anywhere.  Kitchen = perfect, craft area = awesome, man-cave = functional (we are a non=gender discriminator),  shed = good for large tool.  That’s probably about it but how many rooms do you have in your house?


Cool AND versatile


Here are lots of little bits of inspirational application of the humble pegboard – they’re probably too small the see very close up but check out Pinterest, it’s full of the stuff!

pegboard with cotton

Hmmm arty

My own personal favourite!  Arty!


Some tiny inspiration…

Go forward and pegboard!

rabbit stand

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