May 08

British Craft Trade Fair



We closed the artysmarty office recently to have a big day out to the British Craft Trade Fair  at the Great Yorkshire Showground in North Yorkshire.  Are you mad? I hear you ask, it looks like you’re lost in a field in Meath!  Funny, that’s kind of what I was thinking too as I wandered up the path to the entrance.  But we did see an eagle, which unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a photo of.  (Actually, later on in the day our lovely driver shattered the dream a bit, I think it was actually a skate not an eagle).

Anyway after a long wandering road we did manage to find the entrance and also all of the lovely traders that were showing at the fair.  I just wanted to do a bit of a round up of all of the great creators and traders that were there.

So who did we see and love?  Not in any particular order;

Kate Broughton: Beautiful prints and cards in bright colours.

Kate Broughton

Kate Broughton

Charlotte Nash: Super cool mirrors and homeware pieces.

charlotte nash

Charlotte Nash

Kiran Ravilious:  modern yet yesteryear block printing on lots of difference surfaces, wallpaper, fabric and lampshades.  Really gorgeous patterns and colours.  Has a really nice website too.

Kiran Ravilious

Kiran Ravilious

Okay, one last one;

Elizabeth Terzza: Delicately made modern pieces, nature themes or ‘botanical treasures’  as the lady says herself.

Elizabeth Terazza

Elizabeth Terazza

Was a great old day out, they had a lovely restaurant down the road too and the BCTF even put on a driver to drop people back to the airport.  In case you’d like to visit yourself next year, dates are 6-8th April 2014 and the website is;

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